Hi, friends! If you’ve sent me an email in the past few months and haven’t received a reply, I’m so sorry. One of my contact forms on the site hasn’t been forwarding messages, and I didn’t realize it because the other form was still working. I thought my inbox had just gotten a little emptier because COVID was reducing the requests from schools.

Anyway, I’m still here, and I apologize if I’ve missed your message. Please do send it again, and I’ll be happy to respond! If you don’t trust the contact forms now, I don’t blame you a bit. You can always send a letter directly to me at write to cassie @ outlook dot com

Only, type it up to look like a real email address. You know the drill! (Does it actually prevent spammers from finding you if you write it all out that way? I’m doubtful…)

By the way, if you’re requesting school visits, I’m not doing any in-person visits in 2021! But I’m always available for virtual events and Zooms. And virtual Q&A sessions with classes who’ve read one of my books are still free.